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We want to get real about the stuff that matters. 

Real food. Real parenting. Real life.

This is how.

(Actions are everything.)




Our first priority is our blends.

We actively optimize the nutrition found in each pouch via careful selection of functional ingredients, followed by high-pressure pascalization. This is what we do. Why do we do it? We believe everyone, even the pickiest of (tiny) eaters, deserve to be nourished with the healthiest and cleanest ingredients. 



We are building a community dedicated to supporting each other through authentic life experiences as we mother, father, grandparent, or just be. We are encouraging parents to approach one another with understanding, rather than judgment. This, so we can all thrive within a network of parents who feel safe with 'their people'. In other words, a real community, with real people and experiences. Real, just like our blends.

As we explore ways to connect, let's start by using #rallyforreal to show up for each other, to share real life, and to be loved for it. Let's interrupt the fabricated and stop comparing our selves to the fictitious. Let's use #rallyforreal in our truth telling journeys.

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Tangible Offerings

Sometimes, it takes money to see real change. (It doesn't get any more real than that.)

We are at the beginning of our journey. There's not a lot of extra to go around, but when we do spend, we are committed to spending in a meaningful way. Right now, our extra dollars are put into food safety. Specifically, we continually research and test the most innovative processes to ensure our food is as safe and healthy as possible. In doing this, we hope that our standards become the norm, and that we can change the current food landscape and global opinion of what is acceptable to deem 'safe' and 'healthy'. Especially for our children. 

As we grow, we hope to offer much, much more. When the time comes, we want to partner with the right causes - causes that speak the same language as us, who want to get real about the stuff that matters, and see real change. We are already on the look out for these causes today!



But first, an intro. 

We are a real family, just like you.


We had a problem.


We fixed it.

Dandelions. That's how this all started.

Before, we were lost in the busyness of everyday life, happy to look forward to the weekends. We would wait for these two days to catch up on life, and if it was a successful weekend, catch up with family and friends.

When our son was somewhere between age 1 and 2, we took a weekday off to spend time with him, just him. He was growing before our eyes, and we were missing it, and him, terribly.


We didn't do anything extravagant that day, but it was still the best day. We held his hand and watched him as he picked dandelion after dandelion to throw into the gutter. We wanted more days like this - to just be, to pick dandelions, if that's what the moment called for.

That's when we knew we needed to find a way to carve out more time to live in the moment. We wanted the same for other parents too. And, we didn't want anyone to feel guilty about it.

We noticed that we spent so much time doing one of two things:

1 - In the super market, checking ingredients and expiry dates (yes, some baby food was on the shelf before our son was even born). It was impossible to find anything that held its original nutritional value.

Or, 2 - In the kitchen peeling, chopping, steaming, blending, dividing, freezing, cleaning.....

Both were time consuming, and still didn't result in a meal that was good enough.

So -

We designed a healthy, safe and convenient baby puree that was easy for parents to feed to their children (guilt free).

So pick an adventure (or many). None of them have to include dandelions, but they can include a KB pouch, it's that easy.

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