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We prefer the term - cold off the press(ed).

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"Canada-based HPP baby food start-up Keen Bean exceeds Kickstarter goal." - FOOD NAVIGATOR USA (view full article)


"At the supermarket, we were trawling through multiple packs, pouches and jars, looking for fresh, nutritious, and convenient baby food. ... It didn’t exist. Just a few of the things that came to mind were: How can these ‘foods’ sit on a shelf for so long, and still offer the vitamins and nutrients that my baby needed? The fresh food we fed ourselves only lasted a few days. It also lived in the fridge, not on a shelf." - STAND MAGAZINE (view full article)


"The majority of baby foods on the market are quite processed and can subsequently not be filled with as many nutrients as possible, so Keen Bean Organic Blends are intended to change this." - TREND HUNTER LIFESTYLE (view full article)

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"(Keen Bean Organics is) focused on incorporating iron-rich ingredients when developing their cold-pressured, organic baby food blends..." - FOOD PROCESSING (view full article)


"Keen Bean Baby Blends are beautifully curated, cold-blended, organic, non-GMO, preservative free, additive free, real meals for your little..." - SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED (full podcast here)

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