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From farm to face, we are pretty cool.

We aren't selling mashed mangoes. That isn't a real problem. We believe all parents are perfectly capable of squishing a mango for their mini. The problem is, today, it is almost impossible to purchase and prepare a variety of nutritionally superior foods on a regular basis, without altering them in a way that diminishes their nutritional quality.

Heat processing, kills the bad stuff, but it kills a lot of the good stuff. It eliminates vitamins and nutrients, it changes the taste, it changes the texture. It's a killer alright. Instead of heat, we use pressure to effectively neutralize all harmful pathogens and extend shelf life, while protecting all the vitamins and nutrients. The pressure doesn't change the texture or the taste.

Our blends have to be refrigerated, like pretty much all real food. Last we checked, real, unaltered blueberries won't last in a jar for 2 years on a room temperature shelf.

Together, moms and dads can positively impact the diets of our children more than ever. Together, we can make powerful changes in nutrition. We can make it easy for you, so we can stop being so hard on each other. Join the movement.

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Key Benefits

Keen Bean Benefits
  • Cold-Pressured
  • No Preservatives
  • 100% Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

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Keen bean baby blends offer organic food combinations that are hard to incorporate in your child's diet on a regular basis. Our blends include foods that contribute to real, daily requirements, in combination with super foods that increase the vitamins and nutrients that your child is consuming. Our real food ingredients are unaltered, the way nature meant for them to be consumed.